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Please select from the following categories for fixed pricing

Fly Doors, Screens and Catches

Sashes/ Windows


Locks, Keys and

Cupboards, Catches and Lamx


Wall/Ceiling Sheeting and Moulding

Floors, Coverings and Paving/Slabs

Stumps, Steps, Vermin and Batten

Wall Tiles, Rendering and Rails

Wall Vents, Letter boxes and Air Conditioning


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If the service your looking for is not stated in the fixed price list, please contact
us here for a custom quote.

About Us

Valrossa Building Group is a professional Building Service Provider, whose founder and predecessors have been working within the building and construction industry for over 25 years. We extend our services to a wide variety of clientelle, and diligently guarentee to deliver the highest level of quality for every job, no matter how big or small.
We offer a complete & competitive range of construction & maintenance trades and can tailor our services to suit the size & complexity of any project at a currant competitive rate.



We are committed to delivering the maximum quality and value for our clients, providing strategic & complexity input and experienced service for simple flexibility whilst reducing costs and accumulative overheads for the maximum savings that benifit our clients project or services required.

Jeffrey Thomas Carr
Director of Valrossa Building Group